ADVERBS modify verbs by stating

   When ,    Where,     How,       and to what Degree.

    “walk NOW,    work HERE,    cook WELL,   drive QUICKLY”

 They also modify adjectives.

    “this is EXTREMELY good, VERY tiring, but NEVER hard.”

 They can best be thought of as MEASURERS;

 the rules of their positioning are complex.

 ADJECTIVES modify nouns by answering

     What kind?   Which one?   How many?   How much?

      “BLUE shirt,           THIS shirt,              SIX shirts,                MANY shirts”

 They also complement subjects of Linking Verbs.

                     HE (is) NICE        THEY (seem) FRIENDLY

                  HE  =  NICE           THEY  ≈  FRIENDLY

 They can best be thought of as DESCRIPTORS.



The prefix “ad” means “to, near, at” in the sense of “regarding”


drawlg adverb

 Adjective: A word hanging down from a noun.

 Adverb:     An adjective with a tail on it.